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Apparel printing doesn’t have to overwhelming. Needing a friend to help you out? We are those people who want to help out. Between the staff we have 15 years of experience printing apparel. Guiding you down the right path.

Are you looking for a nice soft shirt? What about needing a sweet design for your apparel? Don’t have time to come in and start the process? This is where you can start with at least the price. So we at Inked invite you to send us a quote request. Let us show you how we can save you some money.

We can help look at your design and see if we can help. We understand not everyone thinks they are an artist. The truth is even if your not an artist you still have the vision. Every artist knows that every great starts with a vision. Even if the design is a doodle on scratch paper, let us help and draw the full vision so that you can have some amazing apparel.

No matter what thank you for taking the time to allow us to quote you. No matter how big the job we treat you like a huge account. We look forward to working with you.

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