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Take a look at our design portfolio

Designs of our previous work and showing off some cool techniques.

Design is a way any screen printer shows off what they can do. In that respect we are no different. What sets Inked apart is that we want you to see your design and be impressed. After 15 years of printing we still enjoy a customer opening a box and the look on their face when they see the design.

Most people think they can not create a design, we disagree. At first it might not be the prettiest , however if you give us a description we can turn that idea into a design. That is what we do in its simplistic form. We use our ability to take your idea and print that onto your apparel.

So this design portfolio is just a sampling of what we have done in the past. Some from the many prints we have done for customers. Printings that we take to the many shows we attend selling our shirts. Whatever the case is, this is what we are proud and want to share with you. We are adding content, some months we wont be adding as much. This is because we are in our busy season. Some months we will add a lot to be able to show you more.

We thank you for taking the time to look at our work, because we are proud of it. We also want to show off what our customers are proud of. The staff at Inked wants to let you know we are always looking for what you will be proud of. Looking forward to working with you, and if you have any questions we do have a quote request page. There you can start the ordering process. Come back to see new designs added.[/pmc_box]