Web Design

Branding your web design to match your business

Web design is one area that you can be taken advantage of. The Inked staff gets to talk to a lot of people opening a business or currently running a business. The number one complaint is bringing awareness to their company online. So in a day and age where internet is king we want to offer a solution.

Inked has hosting options which include email solutions. Believe it or not companies want to charge you for the custom email service. We assure you with our hosting it comes free with unlimited custom emails. Our hosting cost start from 6 dollars a month to 300 for three years of hosting. Our domains are 9.99 a year and we set up in your name. Please what ever you do even if you do not use Inked for web design, do not sign up for a domain through your hosting provider. We can sit down and tell you why when we sit down and go over your plan.

Inked uses WordPress as their web design platform exclusively. We do this because we can teach anyone to update your website no matter what level of computer knowledge you have. We sit down with you and have a basic form to get a idea of what your looking for. From there we will sit down and show some options for your website. It is really is simple. You have enough trouble as a business owner. A website does not need to be difficult.

Inked also offers solutions to help simplify your social media as well. We can help you maximize your post on tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and YouTube as well as other platforms. Again you have clients to meet and deadlines to make. Let us help you gain a social presence and help spread the word.