Services offered by Inked Custom Printing

offering services to offer a one stop solution

Services are key when you are wanting to start (insert blank here). If you are starting a boutique. It may even be a sports team. Maybe you are just looking for a printer who understands how to print baby onsies? What ever the case may be Inked wants to be here to help you. With our years of industry experience we understand the concerns of deadline, designs, and ordering. You need a friend to help you figure out the little things. Sometimes just sitting down with one of our staff will help.

No matter what the situation is we have a couple solutions for you. So you can check out the complete details on the pages that layout the full description of each category. This page is just a description of each. Also where we get to show off some of the items that we print in those services.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes is often one of those categories that is left out of screen printing. We wont lie they are a pain to print but Inked really took off with the idea. Born out of seeing a need at the shows we take our apparel wears to. Many times people look for really cool and funny designs for their kids. If you are local feel free to come in and look at our broad selection of onesies in our store front.

thermoflex services baby funny thermoflex trooper

Boutique Shop

Every wonder where those shirts come from on Main Street U.S.A.? Often those come from local printers just like us. If you are creative and have ideas this is a great way to make extra money. Taking your designs to a local shop and having them sell those designs. At Inked we want to help you get your store off the ground.

wedding tanks shop front at the show

Contract Printing

This is a huge service that we offer to you. A lot of times you know people who know someone who needs something printed. Why not start a business offering screen printing? The problem is printing equipment is so expensive and the learning curve makes it even worse. There are some certain things that are required before you can just sign up as a contract printer. If you are looking into contract printing contact us to set up a meeting to go over these requirements.

Spartan Hoodie Special Event Spirit Wear


Are you looking to help raise funds? Are you looking for a easy way to just pick a design and sit back and watch your shirts sell? Do you want to do this with little effort on your part? This is where Inked can help. We offer a easy solution to what ever you are raising money for. There is so much information on this service check out the fundraising page for full details.

School Spirit Fundraising shirts Cheer on your team


Embroidery is a process where you use thread to make the design. So, if you are looking to have hats, polo, blankets, and more made this is a service perfect for you. No matter what you are looking for you can come in and find out how we can help you.

Stocking on the machine special garments

Web Design

Are you starting a business? In today’s world if you are wanting to sale anything people will ask where they can go and see it. The best place to have pictures and information is a website. Yes you can use social media to gain an audience, however you need a place to collect that information in one spot. This process can be expensive if you do not have someone on your side. Inked has spent years researching high quality but cheap options. If you have a need for a website please contact us to see how we can help you.

Uniform Apparel

Looking to outfit your team in new uniform and make mom and dad look good sitting in the stands? Inked can help you with this. If you are looking for a dri-fit shirts or a full button down uniform, we have several options available. You can even pick out hats to be embroidered on. Inked can also offer you a fundraiser opportunity to help off set cost because we all know sports are expensive.