Infant & Toddler Clothing

Offering baby clothing for maximum cuteness

Baby clothing and toddler clothing comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a lot of choices to help your child look cute. We have anything from onesies to baby zip hoodies. We carry a variety of styles to fit your baby and toddlers active life style.

When it comes to designs there is a couple of different options. We do not feel the need to limit a child to expression. We as adults like to choose a color or a special shirt. So why should your child not have that option. The first option we have is creating your own design on our online t-shirt designer. Feel free to go the page and start with blank designs or start with a already made template. When you design a baby outfit you can choose from all the ink colors. Pick and choose from different design elements to go whatever theme you are looking for. With this option there is some limitations to what we can do when it comes to orders of less than 12. Please feel free to contact us about any design so we might explain.

The next option is to have the designers on staff complete your design. Inked does understand that not everyone can draw a picture. Our artist honestly are not that great at hand drawing. That is why we use a computer to put designs together. The first thing we require is your concept. When you describe to us what is in your head our wheels are already turning. Each of our artist have been doing design work for years. The artist will be able right away to guide you towards achieving the look that you really want.

The staff at Inked looks forward to hearing from you.