Boutique shop

From our boutique style shop or for your own


Are you looking for a trendy boutique style shirt? Inked offers that and more at our boutique style shop. When you step through our doors you can shop many different styles. I do have to say some of our styles are seasonal. You will not come in and find sweaters in the middle of July. Don’t worry we do have plenty of stock in the current season. Ranging anywhere from woman style, unisex, maternity, and baby gear. These are the same style you will see at affair of the heart shows and numerous other shows through out Oklahoma and the surrounding states. We also offer all of our wears on the website your currently on. Just click over to the shop page or click this link.

Maybe your in the boutique business yourself? Inked can offer you help with that as well. Many times when we go to shows we have other shop owners come up to us and wonder why we can sell our shirts for only 10.85 (tax included). Well simply because were the printer is the quick answer.

How can that help your boutique? Because our prices are low you in return can offer your customers. As a screen print shop we offer many different style and color variations for you to choose from. From there we can offer custom designs, or even bring in designs that you have been storing for a special occasion. You can call or email us if need be to talk about the whole process including the price for the overall printing process. Rest assured that if you bring in a design or anything else we do not share your designs or info with anyone unless you say to. We are not that shop that you can not trust with your apparel.